Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Marriage is Old Enough to Drink

On January 2, 2011, my marriage turned 21, old enough to drink; a milestone in anyones book, well, at least for the frequently inebriated.

We were supposed to be married in December of 1989, but when we arrived at the Justice of the Peace in Absecon, we were told, we needed to make an appointment. Atlantic City had a more liberal approach, any day Monday-Friday, between 12:30-1pm, when the Judge takes his lunch break. We were told he eats his sandwich at his desk and if anyone comes in, he marries them. HMMMMM, if his sandwich is a turkey and cheese with light mayo, I might become distracted and say "I do" and mean, "I do" want that sandwich.

I left work at 12 noon and instructed my husband to be to get me an outfit out of the closet for me to change into for the ceremony. He told me I had a choice between a black and white number with palazzo pants or a purple top and skirt. I said, "bring the purple number,I am saving the palazzo pants and tunic for my college graduation in February, don't want to get it dirty." What I was really thinking was," purple, the color of death, according to the Catholic Church, how appropriate."

My sister in law to be Ana Gren and her boyfriend, Buzz, were witnesses and in Ani fashion she amused the nervous couples waiting with a ruse that should have earned an academy award. She told the clerk that she was there to be married, then proceeded to start a fake fight with Buzz, and call off the wedding. She had everyone trying to console her and get her to change her mind.

Suddenly, our names were called and in we walked, up to the Judge's desk, I seached for the sandwich and there it was, half eaten on wax paper. I was anxious to get it over with, I was hungry. The Judge, I think his name was Matthew, did all the talking, we said I do, a quick kiss for good luck and out the door to the Northfield diner for lunch. The entire day cost us $13 bucks. Buzz picked up the check for lunch.

Twenty-one years later, my sister in law Ani, now lives in Israel with her husband and two sons. She earned her PhD at the University of Stockholm. Buzz, who's real name is Winfred Keough, is the Bureau Chief for the Atlantic City Press. He is married with children, last count he had two.

Recently, someone asked me if I had a photograph of that day and I laughed and said No, but I still have the dress and if you want, I can put it on and take a photo for you, I don't think anyone will notice that 21 years has passed. Oh, wait, there might be an issue with the fit! Afterall, this blog isn't called three piece bikini for nothing!


  1. Aunt Eileen, Congratulations on your 21st anniversary. I finally got a chance to catch up on 3 piece bikini. I never knew anything about your marriage to Pablo but now I do...what a great story told with such honesty and humor. I love the Justice of the way to get married. Love you.. Dawnxo

  2. So is 3PB back up and running??? I hope so! I love your humor and wouldn't mind checking out that purple number... Might even be back in style - everything old is new again!

  3. yeah, but did you bring the outfit out to show everybody-I didn't think so. I have to go get some M & M's to eat now; I hear there's a good opera on.