Saturday, December 31, 2011

" Message in a Bottle"

About twelve years ago, I found myself in a predictament. It was the last hours of the twientieth century and I hadn't written anything down. I was getting ready for a party with family, and dinner was waiting. I was in a panic and grabbed a book, a soft back book by my favorite author Ken Follett. I turned to the last three pages with advertising copy and copyright information and began to write some thoughts of the past and the future. Hence, the beginning of a tradition for me each New Year's Eve.

From time to time I will pick up an old soft bound book, only to find my end of the year commentary. Of course, I don't know where all the books are and I really don't care. I always imagine that someone finds the book at a yard sale or lying in the trash heap and gets to the last page to find my ramblings. I surely would be intrigued by this "message in a bottle" twist.

So, I urge you to try it too. Before the NOOK takes over our tactile paper fetish, grab a soft bound book from your dusty stack of old reads, and turn to the last two or three pages, the inside front and back cover is also a good choice. Write your name, date and time and begin. Make sure the last paragraph you list those wishes for 2012. Real wishes that apply to you! We all want world peace and more money, but those things are most likely out of our control.

If I had to make a wish right now, I would wish for a year of happenstance. A quirky year of happy little coincidences, like winning a scratch off lottery ticket, or finding out that handwritting is genetic. ( I have proof)
It is the little things that matter. The big things will come and go, it is the little nuances of a year that makes up happy to wake up each day.

Happy New Year, 2012

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  1. Eileen, what a great idea, I have found journals of my own that actually scare me. Some of the entries I had written with my left hand. I was told by a close friend that if you write with your opposite hand, your true self is revealed in your writings and maybe some predictions for the future. Try it next time. I hope you do win the lottery, get your tickets today. lots of love, dawn xo