Sunday, June 20, 2010

More rolls than Amorosos


Everyone is jumping on the obesity wagon, like it's something new. Has anyone looked at a Botticelli or the round robins of the Victorian age. Those chicks are fat. Lena Bryant ( you know her as Lane Bryant) began her large size clothing business in the 1920's.( and yes Gwennie she is Lithiuanian) The more we diet the fatter we get, bottom line. So ladies you better start working on your personalities and this is the perfect place to start!

Recently, I was sad to hear that one of my favorite fatties, Dom Deluise died. I was moved to watch his hilarious 1980 film FATSO one Sunday afternoon. In this movie, Dom is conflicted. His love of food is killing his love life. And, he resorts to chaining the kitchen cabinets and the refridgerator to prevent his frequent binges. It seems girl weekend binges,were everynight for Dom and his BFF's ( BIG FAT FRIENDS) In the end love prevails with a thrift shop girl that finds his compassionate soul unaffected by his midrift flub.
A beautiful love story. I will miss you Dom, sorry your son the actor isn't fatter. You left a large waistline to fill.


  1. So so funny Aunt Eileen....really enjoying 3 peace bikini.

  2. I always love your stories Eileen.....Bet